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PEMF Systems

What is the Curatron PEMF?

The Curatron is the only computerized system using advanced Frequency Modulated Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy (FM PEMF), generating time variable, low frequency pulsed magnetic fields.

The intensity of the Pulsing magnetic fields, combined with the frequency and waveform, are the most crucial specifications in order to obtain successful results.

The Curatron systems generate magnetic field strengths up to the milli Tesla range, ensuring deep body penetration, a necessary factor in order to induce electrical changes within the cells.

Curatron PEMF deviceCuratron PEMF device

Our devices are designed with a combination of both intensity and frequency changes during the same program sequence, guaranteeing a much higher efficacy level than possible with any other system, by application of different frequencies during the same therapy session.

Furthermore, we use the best possible “building blocks”, Sinusoidal waves. The sinusoidal wave form has been scientifically proven by the mathematician Joseph Fourier to be the actual basic “building block” that makes up nearly all other periodic waveforms, such as square waves, triangle waves and sawtooth waves.

How does it work?

Improved blood supplyImproved blood supply

It is long known that we all have electricity inside our bodies: In 1956 the piezoelectric effect in bone was discovered by Fukada and Yasuda; a physicist and an orthopedic surgeon in Japan.

Pulsating electromagnetic fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell, resulting in improved blood supply, increased circulation and oxygenation, and better transport of nutrients. PEMF stimulates the body to repair damaged tissue and speeds up the healing processes, while increased calcium transport stimulates the repair and growth of cartilage, simultaneously decreasing pain dramatically.

The Curatron PEMFT devices provide a non-invasive, safe and easy method to directly treat pain, injuries, and other types of ailments.
The Curatron is a completely autonomous system that runs without a laptop or PC, and contains 10 Master programs (each divided again into sub-programs) which run automatically. If you wish to compile your own programs you will need a PC or Laptop, which are then connected to the unit. The computer technology allows a collection of feedback information, analysis and monitoring of the signal during the entire treatment session.

Curatron Features

Curatron PEMF device

4 Different models to choose from

4 curatron models

Complete body therapy

PEMF smile

Superior speed of induction

Speed of Induction PEMF

Square gated sine wave carrier frequency

Square gated sine wave PEMF signal

Synchronized zero crossing pulses

Zero crossing PEMF signal

Low & High intensities

Low and High PEMF Intensity

Feel the pulses with a simple magnet

Test Magnet

Frequencies > 25 Hz


Automatic frequency changing => No body adaptation

PEMF smile

Superior for pain relief

Chronic Back Pain

Create & Save your own programs with PC software

PEMF software screenshot

 Full body mattress

Full Body Mattress

Therapy pad

Curatron Therapy Pad

High intensity coil

High Intensity PEMF Coil

Very high intensity coil

Very High Intensity PEMF Coil

All pads made of imitation leather

Imitation Leather Therapy Pad

Lightweight aluminum handheld probe

Handheld Probe

Ease of use - No training required

Curatron is easy to use

PC & laptop connection

Curatron PC System with probe


CE & ISO 13485 certified


5-Year extended warranty

Curatron PEMF Warranty

Fantastic value for money

Good Value for Money

 Pricing starts under $3,000

PEMF smile

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