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Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We feel it is important for you to know how we handle the information we receive from you via the Internet. In general, you can visit Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com without revealing any personal information. However, you are required to provide some basic personal information to be able to contact us through our website forms, as explained below.

How we collect and use personal information

Filling out a contact form allows you to send personal information through the Internet to our company. The only information required is your name and your e-mail address. Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com may contain links to Web sites operated by third parties and we have no control over the privacy policies and practices of such third-party sites, and if you have any concerns, you are urged to review the terms of those sites for more information about the policies applicable to those sites.

IP addresses

We collect and log the IP address of all visitors to Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer whenever you access the Internet. IP addresses allow computers and servers to recognize and communicate with one another. We collect IP address information so we can properly administer our system and gather aggregate information about how our site is being used, including the pages visitors are viewing. This aggregate information is not shared with advertisers, sponsors or any other businesses. To maintain your anonymity, we do not associate IP addresses with records containing personal information.

Use of cookies

As you probably know, cookies are small pieces of information that some Web sites store on your computer's hard drive when you visit them. Our company does not, like other Web sites, use cookies to provide us with information relating to the sources of our site traffic.

Use of information

We only collect personal information that you choose to share with us in a web form. This information may include your e-mail address and other demographic information. We use this information exclusively to tailor our services to the data you entered. Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com does not provide any third-party access to your personal information, unless an individual has given us his/her permission to share that information in writing.

Children's privacy

This site is intended for adults age 18 and older. It is not intended for or designed to attract persons under the age of 18.

E-mail communications

E-mail communication that you send to us either via a contact form or via regular e-mail links on our site may be shared with a Customer Service representative, employee, medical expert or agent that is most able to address your inquiry. We make every effort to respond in a timely fashion once communications are received. Once we have responded to your communication, it is discarded or archived, depending on the nature of the inquiry. The e-mail functionality on our site does not provide a completely secure and confidential means of communication. It's possible that your e-mail communication may be accessed or viewed by another Internet user while in transit to us. If you wish to keep your communication private, do not use e-mail.

Purpose of website

The content on this website is for informational purposes for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy only and is not intended to substitute for the advice of a medical professional. We do not accept or host any third party advertisements.


If you have a complaint or problem, or if you believe your privacy rights have been violated, you may contact us. Please indicate the reason for contacting us. If you have contacted us about a privacy-related concern and you do not believe your problem has been addressed, you may file a complaint with the management via the contact information on the About us page.

Terms & Conditions of Sales

The present general terms and conditions cover all sales to its customers through the Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com website as well as orders taken over the telephone, by fax or posted to our offices. We reserve the right to amend the present general terms and conditions of sale at any time. In order to place an order and enter into a legally binding contract with us, you must be over 18 years old. We reserve the right to refuse to accept your order if we find that orders are in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Product prices

Product prices may be given in different currencies but credit card charges are processed in USD according to the XE.com exchange rates. All invoices are calculated exclusive of taxes for shipments outside Israel. Any customs duties or other local taxes that may apply are the sole responsibility of the ordering customer. The company reserves the right to change its prices at any time, although products will be invoiced at the price in effect when the order was placed, subject to availability. Information relating to prices and product availability is liable to change and is given by way of indication only. Orders are accepted subject to the present general terms and conditions of sale.

Ordering information

Orders can be placed in one of the following ways:


Internet www.electro-magnetic-therapy.com/ www.curatronic.com

Fax in the USA to 425-930-0548 or 011-972-8976-2020

Fax International to + 972-8976-2020

Telephone International + 972-8976-1441

Mail orders to P.O.Box 1532, Hashmonaim 7312700 Israel 


Your order will be dispatched on receipt of payment. In the case of payments received by cheque we will allow seven working days for the cheque to clear. Placing an order with us acknowledges that you agree to the order as well as to the present general terms and conditions, in their entirety and without exception. Data recorded by the payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.


Product and prices are valid as advertised on Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com subject to stock availability. Information on product availability is provided when you place an order online. These details are given for information purposes only and are not binding. Should a product be unavailable within 14 days after you have placed your order, we will let you know as soon as possible by email, post or telephone. In this instance you can ask for your order to be cancelled.


We ship products world-wide S&H by FedEx, DHL or EMS courier services uninsured to the delivery address given when the order was placed. We will insure the shipment for an additional fee of $100.00 to be paid with the order. Delivery times allow for order processing, packaging and transportation. If you are paying by cheque, your order will be processed when your cheque has cleared. Delivery times are calculated from the date your cheque clears and may therefore differ from times indicated when you placed your order. For all orders we need to have your telephone number and any information that will assist delivery. It is advised to combine several items in one order rather than order items individually. We might be unable to combine orders placed separately.

We reserve the right to transfer orders to authorized distributors for order fulfillment.

Payment methods

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners or payment by PayPal with an additional fee of 3%. You may send your confirmed cheque to the above address. If you wish to make a wire Transfer we will email or fax you a Proforma invoice.

Payment by telephone

If you do not wish to complete your order online, please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Condition of Ownership

All goods remain the property of the company until receipt of payment in full. This provision does not affect transfer to the customer of all risks of loss or damage from the moment the goods leave our premises.


The Curatron devices are warranted against material and manufacturing defects. This is a limited warranty provided to the original purchaser. Only authorized personnel are allowed to open the unit and/or cable for repair. Any unauthorized opening of the system voids the warranty according to the stringent repair rules for this type of equipment. The manufacturer declines all liability for equipment reliability and safety in the following events of modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel or use of system other then specified in the manual. The Curatron systems carry the following warranties, which apply to material and manufacturing defects only: The Curatron units carry a 3-year warranty and an additional 2 years can be purchased with the order for an additional fee of 6% and the applicators carry a 1 year warranty. The information of the warranty and registration card must to be mailed or emailed to the manufacturer within 8 days from delivery date, in order to become effective. By emailing the warranty and registration card information the customer declares acceptance of the warranty conditions. Has this information not been received by the manufacturer within two weeks after shipment, the warranty will automatically commence according to the above conditions starting with the date of shipment.

Intellectual Property

All text, notes, illustrations and images reproduced on Electro-magnetic-therapy.com/Curatronic.com are the copyright of the author and are protected by intellectual property law worldwide. In accordance with the provisions of Intellectual Property legislation any use of the materials on Electro-magnetic-therapy.com is only permitted with the prior written authorization of the copyright owners and any use without is an infringement of the author's copyright and a violation of intellectual property rights.

Return Policy

We do understand the challenges of returning a product to any vendor. At Curatronic we attempt to make the experience as comfortable and easy as we can. Please read the guidelines below so you can understand our policy.

Please understand that the Curatron 2000 systems are for clinical and/or personal use and the applicators that are used such as the pads, mattresses and coils are simply not returnable, except as noted below.

The Curatron 2000HT:

This model is sold complete with the mattress and therapy pad. The Curatron 2000HT can be returned within the first thirty days for a re-stocking fee of 30% of the total purchase price. Shipping charges associated with the purchase will not be refunded and the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges. No refund will be issued for damaged or marred goods returned. The re-stocking fee will cover the cost of the cleaning and disinfection of the mattress and pad + retesting and repacking of the system. Curatronic Ltd. may from time to time sell these returned Curatron 2000 HT systems as refurbished product.

Curatron 2000 XP and PC CONTROL UNIT(S):

The Curatron 2000 XP or Curatron 2000 PC Control Units can be returned in like new condition within the first 30 days following purchase. Curatronic will charge a 15% restocking fee for returned control units. Shipping charges associated with the purchase will not be refunded and the customer will be responsible for all return shipping charges. No refund will be issued for damaged or marred goods returned.


Applicators such as the Full Mattress, Therapy Pad or High Energy Coils can be returned in like new condition within the first 30 days following purchase. Curatronic Ltd. will charge a 50% restocking fee for returned applicators. Shipping charges associated with the purchase will not be refunded and the customer will be responsible for all return shipping charges. This high restocking fee is charged to cover the cost of cleaning and disinfection of the applicators so that if possible they can be resold as disinfected or re-furbished product. No refund will be issued for damaged or marred goods returned.

  • No return will be accepted for credit unless it is in a 'like new condition' and is packed in its original packaging.
  • Unauthorized Returns will be rejected.
  • Smokers Take Note: Today many people will not tolerate the smell of smoke or even traces of the smell of smoke on any item. Smokers who return products must be aware that if we detect the smell of smoke on an item making it not re-sellable then no credit can be issued.
  • Remember, it is your responsibility to re-pack the product properly and arrange for its return.